Ring doorbell not recording properly

My ring doorbell isn’t recording correctly. It has been now 3 days since it recorded correctly meaning it’s missing people go by it. It has started to malfunction in that aspect. I’ve already detached it from the mount inspected the mount and the ring for anything that could be messing with it but there’s nothing.
Lots of clips are unavailable to watch or it doesn’t record people walking by it at all anymore.
How does this get fixed?

Hey @sgr0691. Could you try deleting the Ring Video Doorbell from your Ring app, resetting the device by pressing and holding the set up button for 30 seconds, and then re-setting up the device in the Ring app? Please make sure you save any videos you would like, as they will be deleted once the device is removed. Once set up in the Ring app again, ensure you have your motion settings configured to how they need to be. I recommend putting your motion frequency to Frequent to ensure your Doorbell is not missing any motion events as much as possible. Once it is set up again, monitor the device from there and ensure it is picking up the motion events. If it’s not picking up certain events, please let me know in detail whats happening, and any video references you have that may help! :slight_smile:

Was there a Limited Time on Ring2 Doorbell Video history recording?
Ours stopped working, but to try that Theory, we signed up for the $30.00 per year plan. And WALA, it records and can be seen in history. Where was THAT little item listed when I bought the Ring 2 ???