Ring doorbell no longer works with alexa

Ring2 doorbell that was working for several years, no longer rings the doorbell with Alexa. The most basic of functions. Going on the app store reveals MANY reviews from days ago that says the SAME THING. Someone fix the firmware or contact Amazon and fix this trash.

Already removed the skill from alexa and re-enabled, turned it’s notifications on/off, device was online, only rings on the local speaker, so basically a worthless product when Amazon changes anything.

Hi @user65895. To clarify, are you still receiving notifications via the Ring app when someone rings the Doorbell? Does this event appear in the Event History? If everything is working correctly in the Ring app, then the issue would be isolated with Alexa. In that case, I’d recommend making sure the Alexa app and your Alexa device are fully updated. You might also try resetting your Alexa device, then setting the Ring Skill back up.

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I have the same issue and just called Ring support and the informed me that Ring is no longer available on Amazon Echo device in the UK. Blocked by Amazon. Clearly want us to buy the inferior Blink front doorbell