Ring doorbell low battery notification on phone

The ring doorbell provides a notification on the phone when it senses someone and when the bell is rung. But it needs a low battery notification that displays on the phone like the other notifications do. The last two times my battery was low I didn’t know until the device stopped working. Having to open the app to check for this notification doesn’t fly because I don’t open the app unless I want to see who is at the door. A Low battery condition is too important to hide inside the app.


you are so right, I have ss system and when some one opens my doors’ I receive a simple signal that lets me know. my ring has been out for a while I don’t know when it is charged.How can you tell?two lights are on. Help!

Battery level(s) check for ALL devices at once on one page, and from both the App and Web interface desperately needed. We have more than a dozen battery powered deveices. The painful task of checking ALL their charge levels one at a time in the app is a nightmare, made especially difficult if your eyes are more than 30 years old looking at a tiny 6 inch smart phone screen. So this is especially needed for the web interface as well, please don’t just focus on the App. We travel often and need to make sure they are all charged enough to keep running while we are gone. Please make this critically needed feature happen SOON! Thank You


Yes another vote from me please. Please also add a percentage threshold for users to set to meet their requirements. I might need more time to get round to charge my battery so 5% alert threshold might be too aggressive being able to change it to say 12%, may give me enough time. Overtime the battery will degrade so being able to adjust the alert threshold to 15% would be useful.


Hi, I just wanted to ask the feature teams to implement email notifications of when your battery is low for smart lighting battery-powered light devices (pathlight, spotlight). We get them for all of our other ring devices (non smart lighting), so it seems like an oversight.

I have the same comment. I need an indicator that tells me my battery needs charging. Especially if I am going to be away for a few days

It would be awesome to have a battery status dashboard as part of the home screen. I have 10+ battery powered devices (with solar panels) and it’s really hard to keep up with the task of keeping all of them charged. The emails you guys send when battery is low are helpful, but it’s not really productive to “react” to the email, or to constantly check each device one by one (so many clicks!)

I would love to have a screen I can see the battery level across all my devices, so I can plan a day to go outside and recharge/replace all of them at once!

I’d prefer to charge my Ring before it gets really low & sometimes, especially in the cold of winter, power drops really quickly. If I could say pick: “Low Battery Warning at: 15%/20%/25%/30%” that would be great.

I really would like this one stop battery check screen. It is a pain to go one by one. PLEASE

A battery health page that shows all the percentages for all your devices would be hugely helpful for all of us with multiple devices.

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PLEASE make this feature happen! So needed and would help to keep our multiple and growing Ring device family active!

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The latest update added audio to the notice for battery low and that needs a way to be turned off. Why you ask? Well when you get a notice at 3:45am that your battery is at 30% for your doorbell accompanied with an audible alert waking you up makes you not so stoked with the product. Anyone found a work around to this yet?


I’m having the same problem. Is there a way to turn it off yet?

Last night, the low battery alert for our backyard camera went off at 1 AM. Both my husband and I woke up startled and flew out of bed grabbing our phone to see who was ringing our doorbell. My mother who is elderly, also woke up startled (not good).

Fortunately, nobody was at our door in the middle of night. Unfortunately, all of us were shaken up and some of us could not fall asleep for fear that it would go off again. We are surprised that there is no option to turn off this notification or at least allow us to schedule the alert during the day when we are awake.

We are currently charging the battery. Please tell us what our options are? Please also let us know if . Thank you.

UPDATE: Good News - Bad News - Good News: The 2020-07-08 Ring website update provides battery level for the alarm for me already, but apparently not for everyone. The battery level for the cameras is operational too, just not for me yet. The low down is, these battery level features are already working for both alarms and cameras, however, they are being rooled out and not everyone can see them yet. So sometime soon we will all start to see them showup on the website. I confirmed this with customer support today.

Trying to attach a screen shot of what is coming. Darn, it looks like there is no t a way to add an image in a reply comment. I would love to share it with everyone, but it does not allow it. Just know it’s coming. If anyone knows how I can add the image let me know and I will post it here.

I didn’t get a battery alert and the one time I really needed to know who was at my driveway through the camera, it wouldn’t connect. I didn’t know the battery was low. We have a driveway sensor that told me someone was in our driveway. It was dark, and I couldn’t see who was in our driveway via the camera. Turns out it was our local sheriff responding to a 911 hang up call from our address. I’m still unsure how that happened because we do not have a land line, only cell phones and neither were in use or show having made a call to 911 services. But what if it weren’t the sheriff who showed up? I don’t understand how this could have happened. Mostly I am concerned that I did not receive a battery alert.

Bad news. Apparently they were mistaken when they told me the battery level indicator was also coming to the web interface. Very saden to learn today that it is not.

Agreed! There needs to be a simple dashboard on the phone app that shows battery status for all devices on your account.

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Hey there neighbors! We now have this feature available and you can learn more about low battery notifications in our Help Center article here. Thank you all for your feedback on this feature, and if you have an additional feature idea inspired from this, feel free to share the link below of the new topic you’ve created for it! :slight_smile:

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