Ring doorbell keeps going offline - age or device?

Even though it’s connected to wifi, the doorbell keeps going offline. It won’t be great if I have to travel as can’t keep reconnecting every 1-2 days. Had it for a couple of years - has it just lived useful life?

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I have the same problem

I have had my ring pro for several years with little issues. It has now regularly started randomly disconnecting from my Wi-Fi. There has been no changes to the Wi-Fi, router or setup that would cause this.
Any ideas as it’s getting very frustrating??

Hi neighbors. If your Doorbell is showing as offline, first verify that it’s receiving sufficient power. For battery powered Doorbells, fully charge the battery with the provided charging cable. For hardwired Doorbells, such as the Doorbell Pro, make sure the wiring looks good and there are no frayed or damaged wires along the doorbell circuit.

After verifying that your Doorbell is receiving sufficient power, the next step would be to check the wifi connection. We have more information on wifi signal strength here. A weak or unstable signal could cause your Doorbell to fall offline.

If this issue persists after reviewing the information above, I’d recommend following up with our support team to take a closer look. You can reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here.