Ring doorbell keeps disconnecting to wifi

Why does this keep happening? It’s very annoying as I have to keep
Unscrewing it and reconnected it every week! Doorbells

This has been happening to ours too. No change to WiFi and it shows as green good signal under device health. Only started this end of January. Battery is fully charged each time but when fault happens battery is still at 89%

Same thing has happened. All devices have gone online, router is sending a strong signal. Cannot connect any devices. So frustrating.

Hi neighbors, if your Ring Doorbell is frequently disconnecting from wifi, it’s likely due to an unstable signal. There may be temporary interference, or intermittent issues affecting an otherwise strong signal. If you haven’t done so in awhile, try rebooting your router and rebooting the Doorbell. The reboot option for the Doorbell can be found on the Device Health page. These are good routine troubleshooting steps to take.

Some of the things that can cause interference include different building materials and other wifi-enabled devices. Materials like brick or concrete will degrade the wifi signal quite a bit, making it difficult for devices outside to maintain a stable connection. If your router is far from your Ring Doorbell, moving it closer may help improve the stability. Lastly, you can always reach out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting assistance.

My front door ring keeps going offline specially overnight . We have done everything possible rebooting both router and rebooting doorbell but yet it still goes off line even moved our WiFi booster closer to the front door but still goes offline very fusterating when you pay that money to keep video and there is nothing there because it’s offline has not done this before .,we even pay for a faster wifi but still it goes offline. The only one that don’t go offline is the electric ring security light to the back garden. Not happy at all .

My front door ring is the same even if the unit is next to the wi-fi router after some time it just disconnects there must be some thing with a software problem to have so many units out there having the same problem can anyone out there Help…

Hi neighbors. If you have tried the steps mentioned in the solution and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call for further assistance.

My doorbell keeps disconnecting, all other cameras are absolutely fine. The doorbell is closest to the router. Lived her for 6 months and never had a problem until I changed me other cameras or for ring ones. Having to take it down and reconnect it constantly

This is the same issue I have. I also have 2 batteries, I find when we place a new fully charged battery in, within days it is offline intermittent, I’ve had the doorbell 3 years and WiFi in the same location in the house, all was fine until a few months ago.
This must be an issue with the doorbell, too many with the same problem, but no help when contacting Ring, other than all the steps I have done numerous time

Mine also is having issues and it’s actually beyond frustrating battery fully charged- plug in and works for about an hour before it’s offline and no longer working! This has been happening since the last update and I’m disgusted with it considering how expensive they are! It was put in by a professional so no wiring issue! And my wifi is fibre to premises not fibre to cabinet so I have the fastest internet and nothing else has issues! My blink cameras are absolutely fine as is everything else in the house! Feel like I need a new doorbell as this is unreliable and far too stressful! Not even had ours a year!

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