Ring doorbell interfering with existing PIR light

Hi there, I have a PIR controlled light at my front door. Since I’ve installed my Ring Doorbell, the existing light is on continuously at night,. I suspect the Ring Doorbell PIR emitter is triggering the old light. Is this possible, has anyone else had the problem, and is there anything I can do to fix it?

Can’t say for sure but could be the IR LEDs on the doorbell triggering the sensor on the light. You can turn the IR off on the doorbell via the app but that will obviously impact night time performance. Worth a try to see.

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Hi @Stricko. Like @bemak187 suggested, it’s possible the IR lights on your Doorbell are triggering the sensor on the light. The Doorbell will also emit some amount of heat during operation, which may be picked up by the PIR controlled light. I do want to note that not every Ring Doorbell has the option to disable the night vision, so it depends on which model of Doorbell you have.