Ring Doorbell Gen 2

Trying to charge my doorbell for the first time. It’s flashing blue just in one segment (at 10:00 if you compare to a clock dial) The rest of the circle is static in blue.

It’s been charging for approx 1.5hrs but the % hasn’t increased.

Does this seem to be faulty or is it normal?


Hi @user33432. That is normal, and when your Doorbell is charging, the percentage does not change in the Device Health of your Doorbell but it will update once it is unplugged from the charger. You will know your Doorbell is fully charged once it has a solid light around the ring. For a Doorbell to fully charge, it can take up to 6–8 hours at times.

I have had it that the door bell is full blue and the app won’t update the battery percentage no matter how long it was unplugged I just hit the reset button on the back and that fixed the problem!

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Hi @Jessikah. Thanks for sharing this tip!

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