Ring doorbell connected, works, but no camera picture

Camera worked, took it out to charge it and put back in, aince then it records a very small amount throughout day. Like a couple of minutes at most. It works as a doorbell shows its connected to wifi. But live view never loads and it shows as unavailable.

Any ideas?

Hi @user80768. What specific device is this and what is the RSSI for the device? Are you connected to a 2.4GHz or a 5GHz network? Is your phone on WiFi or cellular data when you attempt to live view? This information will help us troubleshoot this concern further.

Over the last 12 hrs my ring doorbells and video camera are also suffering from this problem of not only live view working very intermittently but also lots of motion alerts or rings on the doorbells are resulting in no video. I have rebooted my router even though there is nothing wrong with the Wifi in my house. Is there something wrong at the server end that is causing this?

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I am having the exact same problem.
I have ruled it down to the WiFi as they work fine when connected to a hotspot.

Are you on virgin by any chance?

I’ve been having this problem since yesterday restarted everything thought it was just mine :roll_eyes:

I can no longer log into my cameras app on my android phone. I have tried everything, resetting password, uninstalling an reinstalling the app. updating phone sofware etc. Now I am being told that it’s my VPN that is the issue? I have always used the same VPN and have never had a problem. So I have switched off the VPN and still having the same problem. Now I’m being told that I must uninstall the VPN as this is what is causing the issue. I am not prepared to do this just for Ring and then leave everything else vulnerable to hackers.