Ring doorbell/cameras not displaying through firestick

Hi please help? I have been faultlessly viewing my ring doorbell and cameras on my TV via an Amazon firestick for a long time now.
It has now stopped working. It goes to connect and and states waiting for ring.com and after a while returns to the main home page. Randomly after this the Alexa voice function will no longer work on the firestick unless I reset it. I have tried a factory reset of the stick. Disabled ring skill and re added it. Nothing seems to work. I presume it’s a software update issue. The ring cameras show fine on my echo show devices. I have tried everything! If anyone has had this issue and fixed it I would love to know. Wifi connection is good.

Hi @Tonk1062. Have you contacted Amazon’s support team regarding this? Removing and re-adding the Ring skill alongside a factory reset are the main troubleshooting steps you’d want to try in this case. Since it’s still not working after trying those steps, it may be best to bring this up with their support team directly if it may be a software update concern.

Hi, I have spoken to both Amazon and Ring and no one can provide a solution.
Having spent sometime googling this problem it would appear I’m not alone and lots of people have had this same problem. It’s very frustrating and surely there must be a solution ?