Ring Doorbell cameras do not appear to support the 802.11 Roaming Standard on Enterprise Class networks

I work for an Internet Service Provider by the name of Wirestar Networks that largely works with apartment complexes to provide bulk internet to the apartments we service.

We have performed an extensive amount of testing with specifically Ring Doorbell cameras due to these devices having issue connecting and staying connected to our Wifi Networks. We have these networks set up such that there is 1 SSID for multiple BSSIDs all across the network to provide property-wide coverage for every resident.

Almost every other IOT camera seems to work seamlessly aside from the Ring Doorbells and even the Ring Cameras do not experience the same issue. The doorbell devices will attempt to connect to the network, but due to the behavior of the doorbells and multiple conversations with Ring Support; these devices do not seem to support roaming from one BSSID to another under the same SSID. Once it chooses an access point, it sticks to that AP without allowing roaming to another.

If the Ring device does not connect on initial setup to the correct AP, it will not roam to the AP in the resident’s unit. Google Nest Doorbell and Arlo Doorbell cameras do not have this issue on any of our networks while the Ring Doorbells have this issue across a large number of them.

The request is simple, please resolve the software issue that pushes the Ring devices to persistently connect to the first BSSID it notices without roaming from that MAC address.

Thank you.