Ring Doorbell automatic live view on Fire tablet


I do have amazon echo show and fire tablet HD8 (8th gen). Both of them looks like fully supported for alexa skills, but I cannot manage to have live view automatically comming on when dorbell anouncing that “someone is in front…”. It is working fine on amazon echo show.

When I go camera inside devices setup I see in section “announcement Devices” only echo show device.

The fire tablet is set to be in “show mode” all time long.

Thanks for help.


Hey @mixi. The automatic Live View being pulled up when you have an event happen is a new feature that was just released to the Echo Show, and will not be available for the Fire tablet yet at this time. We are so glad that the Alexa team was able to release this for the Echo Show, and look forward to more integrations in the near future.

If you’d like, as we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

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I’m still waiting for this feature too!

Any update on this feature? I’ve just installed a ring door bell and this would be great to have.

When will we get the update?

I have it wokring on my Fire HD10 with an Alexa Routine. Named it Answer Door When: Front Doorbell is Pressed, Alexa Will (last action in List), view front doorbell. It also lets you pick which device to display it on. Doesn’t work on non fire Androids. And it doesn’t appear that the voice answer will work. I get the dreaded “Front Door does not support that”. Fortunatly I have a dot nearby, so I created another routine to hae the dot talk to the door. Wish this wasn’t such a science experiment.


can shar the steps u took to creat this rotine also do it work if i have 2 ent doors one on the front of the house and other at side?

So I got this to work. But how do I get it to go back to home/show mode?

Not the cleanest way to do it but I just created 2 other routines and called them “back to home doorbell” and “back to home motion”. The actions were “wait” for 2 minutes. And then another action, custom, “home”.

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cant believe 1 year later we are still with the same thing, I mean really… basically using home assistant and a wall mounted tablet and the fact I can pop ring video feed up without a massive code work around with either tasker or ring feed python script (which for some reason is easier to source with applehomekit setup!) … its really should be as simple as installing app, and selecting allow auto pop up of live view on doorbell press if armed status set to home on ANY DEVICE… not just a echo show!

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I have the same issue with 2020 Firetab and 2020 Ring Doorbell. Main reason to get these were to have the Firetab as a door monitor when someone rings the bell. Unfortunately, auto show has never worked. I finally managed to update Alexa as it wasn’t updating automatically by messing around with location and VPN. I am in NZ and both items were sourced locally therefore I assumed all features would work as advertised. When installing Ring skill, the device displays a message that all devices with a screen can now show live video - nope, still does not work. If anyone can get this working without major script writing and buying more devices to get this going let us know please!

I actually have this now but the way I have it is just plain silly, I basically have had to make a virtual button in my home assistant that detects the door bell press, then this triggers a home assitant skill that sends notify to fire tablet of alexa show me the front door…

ROFLMAO Really RING to get live view to auto open on door bell press on fire tablet I need to use a whole different eco system for it to play nice… if it was so not awful that this should be auto option in 2021 it would be comical

I can’t believe how useless is Ring. :man_facepalming:t2: How can you make a feature so important available only on Echo Shows? So people can buy your Echo Shows? I can’t believe…just bought a FireHD10 but will return it now. :face_vomiting: