Ring Doorbell as Network Gateway

I have a FingBox which monitors things on my network and every few days, usually at 2 or 3 AM, it detects that my Ring Doorbell has decided to become a Network Gateway. Is this normal? Should I “Trust” my doorbell, or is the Ring (Amazon) doing snooping on my network somehow? Here is the message:

Network Gateway changed to RingDoorbell-27 (54:E0:19:42:46:27)

The network gateway changed. If it’s your new router you should set it as ‘trusted’ in the mobile app by tapping on this alert from the Network tab.

In other cases a Man In The Middle attack is occurring on your network: an unauthorized device is redirecting your device’s traffic to intercept and try to steal information and sensitive data.

Hey @Tom04046 ! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We did a little research and found this on the Fing Community forum: https://community.fing.com/discussion/150/network-gateway-change.

If you take a look at the answer from Robin, an Administrator, you’ll see they say

“We have come to realize that if you have multiple access points and if some devices are connected with both then you might find this gateway change alert. Even if the new device get connected to a different access point and Fingbox is connected to another access point, thenFingbox will detect it as some other access point is redirecting the traffic and thus giving you with an alert. We are trying to make the experience better so User can accept the gateway and then it does not ask again for the same access point.”

I checked with my team and this should not affect the performance of the device. Hope this helps!!

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I too am experiencing the same as OP.

Only Ring Devices are causing this FINGBOX message.

All Ring Devices are connected to a single AP, which is monitored regularly by me for abnormalities that are a potential concern for IOT devices.

I find this behavior and its timing, suspect. Why only Ring devices? Why only a couple Ring devices in particular, when I have 15 or so on my network.

Becoming the default gateway means it is signaling to other devices that it is to receive all data to reach WAN. This is concerning.

I am going to continue the investigation and post my results here with a confirmation that is innoculous or detrimental to information security.

It is so brief that it is not something that would cause me to disconnect the devices or point fingers… but as I have over 150 devices on my network, connected to up to 8 unique AP devices and 15 SSIDs over my property, these ring devices are the only culprits of this activity.