Ring doorbell appears in Alexa App but not on any Echo Show device

I’ve just installed - and, for that matter, completely removed and reinstalled - a Ring 4. Whilst it’s working fine with the Ring app on a couple of smartphones (Android and Apple), it’s not playing nicely with the five Amazon Echo devices in the house (five Echo Show 8 with video and two-sound only Echo Dots).

The devices simply don’t know “Front Door” even though that’s exactly how it appears in the Alexa app after getting it to work within Ring and then adding the Ring skill to Alexa. For example, my app says I could say, “Alexa, talk to the front door”, but if I do it responds with, “I heard you ask for the Front Door, but I can’t find that name in your list of contacts or devices.”

Based on the videos I’ve watched, I was expecting that the settings I’ve used would ensure that when I pressed the button a live video feed would pop onto the Echo Shows’ screens and an announcement would be made on all the devices. But that’s simply not happening. I have, of course, seen lots of comments from people saying only the announcement are possible and that video has proven to be problematic … but I’m not even getting that far!

So I’d love some advice, please.

Hi @nawlinsgk. I’d first recommend reviewing and checking all of the troubleshooting tips and tricks in our Help Center Article here, as this will help ensure everything is set up properly between the Ring app and Alexa app. You can also try changing the name of your Ring Doorbell and then testing out the voice commands again to see if it continues to happen, or if the Live View pulls up successfully.

Thanks @Caitlyn_Ring. It’s better, but still not quite right.

Here’s what’s working:

  • The Ring app on my Android smartphone is fine - it gets alerts when people approach the Front Door Ring 4, and it sounds the doorbell and displays “Someone is at your front door” if the button is pressed. I can “Go Live” (with microphone and speaker controls) or view recordings.
  • I can do the same from the Amazon Alexa app on the smartphone.
  • From any of the three Echo Shows in the house, I can say Show Front Door and after a couple of seconds of waiting for Ring.com the camera image appears. I can listen and turn the microphone on or off.

Here’s what’s not working:

  • I cannot get the Echo Shows to display anything spontaneously.
  • I also can’t get my Echo dot to sound the doorbell.


  • Ring Notifications, Motion Detection and Motion Notifications are all on.
  • In Alexa, there are four Announcement devices, and Motion Announcements and Doorbell Press Announcements are both on. It’s connected via Ring.com and of course Enabled.

Help? Please.

PS @Caitlyn_Ring

I forgot to try that I have tried absolutely everything in the link you provided. I’m sure I’ve missed something, and probably something simple, but I can’t work it what it is!

(And it’s frustrating - I’m an IT architect with 40 years experience who rarely gets stumped by technology. It was so easy to set up the Ring doorbell, and the app’s great, the subscription fee for the service is reasonable … but as for connecting to my Alexa devices …)

Hi @nawlinsgk. Have you tried setting up an Alexa routine? I would try to setup a routine that would allow you to view the Live View and one to sound the doorbell. This Help Center article here has information on Alexa Routines. If you are still unable to get your Echo devices to function properly, I suggest reaching out to our support team for the next best steps. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Thanks @Tom_Ring. I’ll try routines next and then reach out to Australian support if necessary.

And to anyone else reading this who’s in Australia, please, I presume this does work properly in Australia for everyone else and this isn’t a geo-specific problem?

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