Ring Doorbell and Echo Devices

How can you choose which Echo devices notifies you of motion or button press? Right now all of ours do and it’s a bit crazy. Would like to limit it to 2-3 Echos if possible.


I have three Echo devices located in different houses and a Ring doorbell in one house. How can I turn off Ring notifications in two of the three devices. Thanks!

Hey @MatthiasW! Upon further research, you may just be able to do this. When you have a chance, go into your Amazon Alexa app and open up the main menu. From the main menu click on Settings. Then select Device Settings and look for the name of the Echo device you would like to turn off notifications for. Once you select that device, you should be able to edit the sounds/notifications under the “General” section. If you still have this concern and this doesn’t address it, you can reach out to Amazon Alexa support here.

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I’ll give it a hot and let you know - thanks!!!

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Worked a charm!

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@MatthiasW That’s so awesome to hear! I myself had to do a little research into my Amazon Alexa app and with some trial and error found that. Glad it worked! :smiley_cat: