Ring Doorbell alerts Neighbours Echo device

I’ve had my doorbell for a few months now but recently spoke to my neighbour who informed me that everytime somebody rings my doorbell his Amazon Echo device gets activated with the alert.

Does anybody knwo why this might be happening? Obviously he isn’t connected to my internet so is there somethign to do with Amazon devices being able to connect in another way?

It’s highly improbable. Both are tied to your account. He would need access to your Amazon and ring account. The signals go through the internet to a server and then back. You could try to get customer service and see if they know or can see any issues with your account that could make this happen.

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Perhaps yes. I also noticed that when I try to cast things from my phone or laptop t the TV, for example the youtube app, other devices such as other TV’s that are not connected to my Wifi network appear on the list as available too. These are also presumably the neighbours. I use Virgin Media as my internet provider in the UK, and I know the neighbour does as well but ours is all brand new, even the cabling from outside to the house so there is no way they’d have gotten access to our password, indeed, I wouldn’t expect him to tell us about his Echo device going off if he had somehow gotten it and was using it.