Ring doorbell 4 allow 1080p preroll

I know there’s no way to submit feedback or feature request to ring through email, im hoping a moderator will forward my request to them.

I know rings primary concern is battery usage on these types of doorbells , I’ve been using the doorbell 4 for 2 years now and im always facing the same issue.

With the current way the preroll works it makes the image blurry for 5 seconds so i can tell there’s a person and a vehicle but can’t make out what they look like until it focuses in.

I thought maybe a way they could implement something is if people don’t have a solar panel connected to keep battery charged they will not be givin the option for 1080p pre roll.

But if they have a solar panel we should be givin the option to enable 1080p pre roll.

I just had this problem yesterday i was out at store and fed ex arrived and parked at end of my 30 foot driveway, by tge time they got to my porch and thru package on porch they were already leaving making it impossible to see a clear image of there face.