Ring Doorbell 3+ will not connect to Chime Pro Network

Hello, I am having problems connecting Ring Doorbell 3+ to Chime Pro Network as I need the wifi-extender functionality, I hope you can help.

The Chime Pro is connected successfully to my home wifi network, this is ok, but then this is the sequence of events:

  • Launched app (iPhone)
  • Selected ‘Devices’
  • Selected ‘Chime’
  • Selected ‘Chime Pro Network’
  • Selected ‘Ring Doorbell 3+’
  • Selected ‘Switch to Chime Pro Network’
  • Pressed and released the orange button on Ring doorbell, lights spin, doorbell device ‘voice’ confirms it is in setup mode
  • Confirmed in the app by pressing ‘ The light is spinning’
  • Chime Pro ‘voice’ confirms is looking for Ring device, finds it, says Ring device is set up and connected to Chime Pro
  • After a further minute, Chime Pro voice confirms “Now connected, with Ring you are always at home”
  • However, during this time, the Ring App stays stuck on the step ‘Connecting your Ring Doorbell to your Chime Pro Network’ and eventually times-out with the message ‘Your Ring Doorbell could not connect to your Chime Pro…’
  • In the app, I go back to Devices\Ring Door Bell and check ‘device health’ and the doorbell is still connected to my home wifi network.

So in summary, it seems the Chime Pro confirms a connection but the process still it does not complete.

Note I have tried moving the Ring Doorbell very close to the Chime Pro and have the same problem.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi there, @Woz19538! You are certainly following these steps correctly. Let’s try brining the Chime Pro closer to your router, and then also keep the Doorbell close in proximity to your Chime Pro, for this initial connection. Next, try the above steps again.

If this does not work, please try instead to perform a “new” setup of your Video Doorbell, going through the setup steps in the Ring app for setting up the Doorbell. During this process, the Ring app should ask you if you want to connect to your Chime Pro network, select yes. If possible, completing these steps on another mobile device entirely, will rule out many factors. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: