Ring doorbell 3 wifi problem

My ring 3 doorbell wifi signal is showing red the router is less then5 feet away from doorbell i also using a chime pro same distance away and thats green
I received doorbell from ring and have told them many times i think its faulty but they do nothing

We have the same issue with our Ring Cam. Has been fine but then a few weeks ago disconnected from the WiFi and won’t reconnect. It is close to the router and we have another camera much further away that works fine. When pressing the set up button no light comes on either now and it has a fully charged battery. Have tried everything in the troubleshoot so it must be faulty. The contact us link on the website won’t work, anyone know how I can report it to ring?

Have just purchased a ring doorbell all ok until the wi/fi when down for a couple of hours , then now unable to get a chime on our Moble phones ( OS) when doorbell pressed . Ok on separate chime unit though. Disappointed as it could well be an ongoing problem .
Does anyone know how to speak to a person regarding this problem.? Unable to find a link

Hi, I’ve been given this link for all telephone numbers relating to support. Hope it helps.

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