Ring doorbell 3 pro

I upgraded from a ring doorbell to ring doorbell 3 Pro. Both were battery operated. The night vision on the original ring doorbell seems so much better than the 3. The 3 is giving an almost pitch black picture past about 2 metres, whereas the original was so much clearer. The 3 is in exactly the same location as the original ring and wondered why the night quality is so much worse on the newer model

Hi @Maidstoneman. You have the Video Doorbell 3 Plus, correct? Would you be able to share a screenshot of the Doorbell’s Live View at night? I’d be happy to take a look at what’s going on and see how I can help. :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn,
Thank you for replying. I shall get one tonight for you


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Hi there, please see a screen shot. On the original ring doorbell the view was so much clearer and brighter. It is in exactly the same position with the same lighting

@Maidstoneman Thank you for sharing that screenshot here. I had my team take a look at this and it does appear that the night vision on your Doorbell is operating correctly. If you’d like the view to be brighter at night, you may want to look into adding some additional outdoor lighting on your porch area. I hope this helps clear things up and I’ll be sure to pass your feedback along to my team.

Hi there, thanks for the reply. The original ring doorbell I had, had a much, much brighter and clearer picture at night with exactly the same setup.

Hi Phil,
I had the £89 version and I regret upgrading due to the difference I have detailed. The Pro 3 is good as it has a, few additional features, ie removable battery whereas the 89 version you have to remove the whole doorbell to charge. There’s also a feature on the 3 that captures an additional 3 seconds of movement which is useful. I just find it odd there’s such a difference between the night vision on the 2 models

Hi Maidstoneman, thanks very much for replying. I already felt unwilling to spend the extra money on the ‘Doorbell 3 Plus’, especially considering the recent £40 price increase; after reading your comments about the lighting issue (which I experienced on a different manufacturers product) I was even more put off. I’ve opted for the £89 version. Thanks again, Phil.