Ring doorbell 3 plus solar charger not working

I have a Doorbell 3 Plus and had similar issues when I first installed the solar panel. What I found was;

  • The device will show ‘Not Connected’ until the battery drops below 90% and will then show as connected and be able to charge the device. See here Charging the Battery for Your Ring Video Doorbell 3 – Ring HelpNote: To maximize battery life, your Ring Video Doorbell 3 does not begin its automated recharging cycle until the battery reaches about 90%’

  • My solar panels (for doorbell and spotlight cams) will show as not connected if the last device health check was done at night. When it’s sunny you can perform a live view of the device which will also perform a device health check. Wait a few minutes and then re-check the solar panel status.

More info here which may help: High failure rate with Ring 3 Solar Panel? - Products / Video Doorbells - Ring Community

I realized that it needed to go below 90% to start supplying power. However, since I installed it it has receive full sunlight for a solid week from 9:30am to around 5 pm. At this moment the battery is at 75%. I’ve order the transformer and a new battery. Will plug in the new battery after charging it via AC for 24h. We’ll see after that and will let you know

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My solar charger is finally showing as connected! Took a week and lots of pointless resets and taking it off and on. Uninstalling the app, moving my router, blah blah blah… All pointless and made no difference, it always showed Solar Charger Not Connected!

I think the information supplied with charger does not give enough details. It more or less shows a simple process and that your solar charger is working as soon as it’s fitted. Well it does and all the above was pointless… What the instructions should say is that the status will show not connected until the battery is below 90. The sun has been shining for a few hours and you refresh the health check by viewing a live feed, then wait a bit more and provided that the sun is still shining it will show as connected. I was furious with this purchase thinking that it will never show connected. Now i finally have had the right conditions for the charger to show as connected.

Now we have to see if the solar charger keeps the battery with enough charge and hope the sun shines enough.

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Am struggling with mine also. it’s now down to 69% on original battery and solid direct sunlight. 4 weeks an counting!