Ring Doorbell 3 battery issues

Had the doorbell for a year max, battery needs recharging every few weeks. Adjusted all the settings to low battery use last time but no change. It is capturing between 20-30 motions roughly a day - is that a lot? Surely not enough to result in this level of battery drain? Please help! Thanks

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Hi @ZackBartois. Are you opening the Live View a lot alongside those 20-30 motions each day? Additionally, what is your Video Recording Length set to? If you have this set to a long recording length, it could be impacting the battery. I’d also recommend reviewing the information regarding unexpected battery drain here.

Lastly, you can try performing a quick reboot on your Doorbell after reviewing all the settings and troubleshooting steps. If this issue persists after trying that, please follow up with our support team for further assistance.

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