Ring Doorbell 3 battery (brand new) - Amber charging LED still it after 48 hours

I bought a Ring Video Doorbell 3 from Amazon a few weeks ago. When I first got it, I charged the battery from a USB hub plugged into a USB port on my computer. After several hours, the amber LED went out and the green one stayed lit, indicating that the battery was fully charged. The doorbell then sat on my desk for 2 weeks waiting for me to get around to installing it. When I did, I decided to top of the battery charge. The battery has been plugged into the same USB hub connected to the same USB port on my computer for 2 days. The orange LED is still lit. Does this indicate that my brand new Ring battery is not charging properly?

Hi @Speedy-V. What is the battery level reporting in your Ring app? I would also recommend to charge your battery by plugging the charging cable into a power supply that goes directly into a wall outlet. Even though it uses a USB, plugging it into a computer might not give it a consistent and adequate charge because of the power limitations of the computer. Let me know if you see improvement after charging your Ring battery in a different outlet!