Ring Doorbell 3 and Hardwired Adapter for Doorbell Pro

Hi all. If I messed up let me know. I bought a Ring Video Doorbell 3. I also bought a Ring Adapter for Ring Video Doorbell Pro (I know). Are they compatible at all? I connected then and no charging.
Also, if they are not, is there a dedictaed Video Doorbell 3 Power Adapter? Thank you all in advance.

I want to add mains power to my 3+ so am keen to know the answer to this question.

Hey neighbors! If you are looking to have the Plug-In Adapter with the Ring Video Doorbell 3, you will need to add a resistor into the mix to ensure the connection is stable to help charge the device. You can find how this looks as I detailed this for another neighbor with a Doorbell 2 in this Community post here. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I keep seeing this general answer to this same question all over the community, but it is not answering the specific question. Can the Power Adapter you sell, which says it is for the Ring Doorbell Pro, be used for the Ring Doorbell 3 ? Does it still require a resistor to be added ?

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Hi @GalaxyBrainCenter. Happy to clear this up for you. You can indeed do this setup, as we have had neighbors do it before, but we do not have a guide for it at this time. If it helps, here is a picture of what this installation looks like. This was created from a fellow coworker that did this setup, before when the Ring Video Doorbell 3 was out. Although, this should work for the Ring Video Doorbell 3, just please ensure you have a resistor set up with the Plug-In Adapter. :slight_smile:

Hey neighbors! If you find this thread, please know that the information in this thread is no longer accurate, and the updated answer to the question can be found here. For clarification, a resistor is not needed when you are wiring the Video Doorbell 3 or 3 Plus directly to a low-voltage transformer or when you are using the Plug-In Adapter.

Here is the problem with that answer. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus instruction manuals that comes with the product inside the box says that if you use a 8-24 volts AC, 50-60 Hz, 40 VA max transformer to hardwire the unit, you must install a 25 ohm, 50W wire wound resistor in series with one of the doorbell wires to protect the doorbell. It seems to me if you buy a transformer that is not Ring brand, you need the resistor. I am thinking the Ring power adapter is so bulky because inside the plug there is a resistor in addition to the transformer. So I would guess you need no resistor with the Ring power adapter. Am I correct??

Good question, @ChrisPDX! While the Plug-In Adapter is rated for use with the Doorbell Pro as is, it does actually require a resistor when using with battery powered Doorbell models. Check out this Community post thread where neighbors discuss doing this with the Video Doorbell 2, including images on accomplishing it. This should work the same when using the Plug-In Adapter with the Video Doorbell 3. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’ve just bought a Doorbell 3 and installed it successfully on battery power only. I have no existing wiring. I am looking at the Power Adaptor you are describing in your text. In the sales info it says for Doorbell Pro only. I think you are saying that it CAN be used on the Doorbell 3.
So I’m ok with that but you then state in this post that the info in this thread is no longer accurate and the answer can be found by clicking ‘here’ which then takes you to a post explaining that the wire wound resistor is required c/W a nice image showing how it should be done.
However, this is where I get really confused because in the very next sentence following the ‘here’ link, you clearly say that the resistor is NOT required, a direct contradiction to the preceding sentence.
I am very confused. Can you please clarify: I have a Doorbell3. Can I use the Doorbell Pro power adaptor and if so do I need the wire-wound resistor?

Hi all. Having to add anything to make this work is simply rubbish. Stick Devils horns under the screw, add a resistor. Is that the best that Ring can do? Sorry folks, don’t mean to be negative but c’mon., modify the out of the box cable. I’ll stick to the battery. Yes I’ve a nice hole in my door now but we won’t worry about that.