Ring doorbell 2nd generation

I have just purchased a ring doorbell 2nd Gen. My car is at the side of my door so I have put it on an angle and it is now in perfect view of my bell. I have set it up so i have covered all zones and tried to put it on high frequency for motion alerts but I’m not getting them much at all as people and cars go past. For security at the moment I want every motion detected but it doesn’t seem to be picking much up. I’m guessing this is in the settings but I’ve altered everything I can see. Has anyone any ideas? Thank you.

Hey there, @Lsm. Excellent call on adjusting the motion frequency feature. This should help to catch motions consistently. In addition to motion zones and sensitivity, people only mode can make a difference in what motion events are alerted. Motion verification is another option that is good to check for fine tuning this functionality. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: