Ring doorbell 2nd generation is missing motion and is slow

My doorbell 2nd generation has been missing motion. I literally had someone come up on my porch and leave something on my door and it didn’t detect or record it at all. The wifi signal is good, i tried rebooting the doorbell on the app but keep getting an error message and to try again later. I changed all the settings to the recommendation on the app. Since changing the settings it isnt notifying me at all now. Please help.

Hi @user43267. Are there any steps or a hill leading up to the doorbell? How do you have your Motion Frequency configured? Your doorbell isn’t notifying you, but can you see the events in the History of your Ring app?

Just had four paramedics enter the walk right past my Gen2 camera, crossing three zones and entering the property.
Yesterday we had vandalsinn in an area covered by two zones on the same doorbell.

What an utterly terrible 'security
’ system.

Hi @user72765. If you have already adjusted all your Motion Settings to be as sensitive as possible and your Doorbells placement is good but it is still missing motion, reach out to our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.