Ring doorbell 2


I would like to ask someone who knows better then me. I buy ring doorbell 2 on battery charger, but now I’m wonder can I upgraded to a cable?
I mean then i don’t need to charged but it will be connected with the power all the time.

Greetings Marcelina

Hi @Marcelina. We have the Ring Plug-In Adapter for your Ring Doorbell. This plugs into an outlet and you can connect wires to your Doorbell to provide a constant trickle charge. I hope this information is helpful!

Hi @Tom_Ring i can’t get to the link. Is not working do you have a different link for me?
This adapter is like solar panel or just to connect to power?

And also I have stick up camera plug in outside can I also buy adapter for this camera? The battery is going so fast on both of them even if I don’t get all notifications…

Hi @Marcelina. The link appears to be working on my browser. Try scrolling to the top of this page and hovering over Products, then click on Accessories. From there, you’ll be able to filter for Doorbells/Cameras and power options. This will show you the information you are looking for. :slightly_smiling_face: