Ring doorbell 2 settings

I have a question regarding the ring doorbell. We just purchased the ring doorbell 2, and we got it for the purpose of the kids getting off the bus and crossing the street to go into the house if we are not home in time. We had to scale back the motion sensor so we don’t get alerted every time a car passes in the road. (It’s quite a busy road). However we want to see them from the point of getting off the bus to getting in the house. (My fear is a car doesn’t stop when the kids are crossing the street. Because of our setting we don’t see the kids until they are just about in the house. Is there a way we can set to record “live” from 3-3:15 everyday, or do you have any suggestions that we can see the street at a certain point of time, but not all the time?

Good question, @Jen0266! The Video Doorbell is designed to capture visitors and your entryway. Although it may catch cars passing, depending on the distance to the street and bus stop, this may not consistently catch motion from a bus stop. Your thoughts to schedule a live view are great, however, live views can only be triggered real time from the Ring app, and cannot be scheduled. If the bus shows up at the same time, you certainly can trigger a live view from the RIng app around this time. Keep in mind, the maximum length for viewing a live video stream in the Ring app is 10 minutes.

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