Ring doorbell 2 Mechanical chime stays "on" for about 10 secs (before the dong)

I’ve just installed this, and can see that when you press the doorbell, the chime “energises” - the plunger drives over and I get a “ding” - but then stays rattling in the “on” position for about 10 seconds before coming off and giving the “dong”.

I’ve checked the setting is “mechanical”, but then get stuck in the loop of testing it and then confirming it doesn’t work correctly, which takes me back to mechanical or digital.

Hi there, @martinhjones. Excellent call to check the chime type settings within the Ring app. The next best step will be to reference our Chime Compatibility List to ensure the mechanical chime can work. Please also ensure the wiring used is securely attached where needed, and not too thin. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: