Ring Doorbell 2 doesn't recognize solar charger

I installed a solar charger to my ring door bell 2. My doorbell is not recognizing the solar panel and is not charging my battery. I’ve tried resetting my doorbell and have even removed it and readded it to try to get the solar panel to kick in. What am I missing?

Hi @aprochazka! The best first step will be to ensure there is no debris where the Solar Charger connects to your Doorbell and it is securely connected. It is very important for this accessory to receive several hours of direct sunlight in order to charge as intended. Please consider any variables such as the part of your home the sun hits, and any awning, overhang, or shading that might be blocking direct sunlight. Keep in mind that excessive motion events, poor wifi signal, or even cold temperatures can drain your battery more than a Solar charge can charge it. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks, unfortunately that wasn’t the solution. I ended up calling in to customer support. Following troubleshooting, the decision was made that I have a defective charger and a new one is being sent to me.