Ring Door Sensor

Hi, I’m new to this community.

I was looking for a door sensor and discovered that Ring do one, do I have to have the security system to use one with other Ring devices?.

We have Ring doorbell and cameras set up in my 91 year old father’s apartment. He has Alzheimer’s and has a habit of going out in the middle of the night. He will shortly have a live in carer and my hope is that she can be alerted via the App/Alexa smart speaker if he opens his bedroom door during the night. The Ring doorbell does not always catch him coming and going so relying upon it alone is not realistic.

If I can’t pair the door alarm with our existing Ring devices, App and Alexa what is the next best solution to my problem?

Hi @DSM62. In order to use a Contact Sensor you must have the Ring Alarm Base Station. Unfortunately, I do not have another alternative Ring product to offer in the UK that would be similar.

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Thanks for clarifying, I think the answer for me will be to use one of our Ring cameras and set up the motion detection alarm so that if my father opens his bedroom door during the night his carer will be alerted. We just want to catch him before he leaves his apartment in the middle of the night.

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