Ring Door Bell HD Audio Noise

We have a Ring Door Bell HD has worked great now all of a sudden we have this screaching and or static noise almost like microphone to speaker feedback every time it is activated in the audio. I have rebooted it and checked firmware which is up to date. It is hardwired and has been since day 1.

Hey @Slee44708 . Can you please confirm which of our Video Doorbell models do you own, as well as what type of mobile device you are using?

It is the Ring Video Doorbell HD that is $99.00. In regards of mobile device it has the same noise on my LG6, IPhone 10, Samsung S9, and Iphone 8 plus, my RSSI is -15 and our download speeds are 56.6 mbps and upload speeds are 89.9 mbps

I appreciate you confirming that information. The $99.99 Video Doorbell is our Classic model which does not feature HD, but instead a 720 resolution. To resolve this audio concern, I recommend performing a reset. Please hold down the orange setup button for 20 seconds. Keep in mind this reset will restore factory settings and will require a new setup to reconnect.

In addition to the reset, try disconnecting the hardwired connection temporarily to see if audio improves without it.