Ring door bell and Alexa echo dot

Hello Guys, I have problems with the use of the ring doorbell and Alexa echo dot . I followed this guide https://support.help.ring.com/hc/en-gb/sections/360006043651-Ring-Alexa- and everything is fine . I see the device connected in Alexa and everything seems fine . But if I try to push the button on the doorbell no sound exit from Alexa ! Other devices such smartphone works properly but Alexa doesn’t get the ring of the doorbell. Ideas ? Thank you

Hi @Clacos84. You’ll need to make sure the Ring Skill is learned in the Ring app, and that your Ring and Amazon accounts are properly linked. After verifying that, turn on doorbell press and motion announcements according to the instructions here. If announcements are not toggled on for your Echo Dot, the Echo Dot won’t play an announcement.

If your Echo Dot still does not play doorbell press and motion announcements after trying the above, please reach out to Amazon Alexa’s support team to take a closer look. Should you have any issues with your Ring Doorbell or the Ring app, our support team can assist further.

Same problem here. I replaced my ring for a newer version. All the notifications work except door bell. It will not ring on Alexa but will on a chime. How do I fix so Alexa will sound the doorbell again. All settings are correct.

I tried everything but it doesn’t work!!

@Clacos84 @user71298 If the troubleshooting suggestions in the marked solution don’t work, and your Ring Doorbell is working properly in the Ring app, please reach out to Amazon Alexa’s support for further assistance.

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