Ring doesn't work with VPN

I may aswell express my annoyance at this too.

I have alwasy run VPN, Ring told me about 4-5 years ago when i installed the original doorbell that VPN wasn’t an issue and with app updates it now seems to be.

VPN only blocks access if Ring have decided they want to block access. They do this because they want to know where you are for their own data needs. A VPN stops them doing that.

Its a mjor privacy issue for me but also what if you are working from home and have to use a VPN to work. VPN’s are becoming an essential security tool and often now sewn into hardware routers, out of your control.

I have spent £1000’s on Ring products, only to have a really badly functioning service now. I really should be able to claim my money back for all the devices that are now not functioning as they should.

I would urge RIng to re-think blocking VPN. Can we have a senior manager’s statement on why you block it, and if you will remove it very soon?

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It’s a rubbish policy . I’m thinking of dumping my Ring

Hi there, neighbors. Due to the technical issues that VPNs can cause, and to maintain reliable performance and a seamless experience for our customers, we no longer support the use of VPNs. Also, our security systems block IP addresses used to exploit or attack our systems and occasionally VPN IP addresses fall into that category.

Ring values the trust our neighbors place in us and we are committed to the highest level of customer information and data security. As we continually work to make our devices and services more useful and secure for our users, we are actively developing new security features and capabilities. Feel free to check out our help center article about the RIng app and VPNs.

If you are needing additional assistance or information on this, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Replying to the admin above me.

Your new policy is terrible. I’ve had the ring alarm system for about a year and a half, and never had an issue until I installed my ring doorbell this morning. Now you’re telling me I need to be on an unsecured connection to utilize your services? You really need to rethink this. Your clients get an alarm system for security purposes, the exact reason people get an alarm system. At the moment, I’m going to return my doorbell and I’m most likely going to go to a competitor, and I’m fairly certain many other ring users are about to do the same.

Don’t understand why you would want to have Ring going through a VPN tbh? It’s just going to introduce more latency. This is more than likely the reason Ring has chosen to block it, running through a VPN is just not a good idea for a service that relies on quick notifications.

Also don’t understand how having Ring would stop you from logging in to a Workplace VPN?

I run 4 VPN Clients and 1 VPN Server without issues. And certainly no issues that are connected to Ring. The 2 are completely unrelated.