Ring devices disconnect and require hard reset to get back online

I have a doorbell 2nd generation and floodlight wired plus. If my wifi goes out (which it does at least 1x a week), the only way to reconnect my devices to the internet is a hard reset.

When I try to reconnect the devices in app (iOS) and select wifi has not changed, there is no action, I am just taken to a screen to contact support. Which means I have to select “wifi has changed” even though it has not, and set up the devices again. Has anyone has this issue and successfully resolved it? It’s not my wifi connection as both devices are well within proximity of my router. Thanks!

Hi @Delano. What is the RSSI for each of your Ring devices? The RSSI gives us an idea of the strength of the wifi connection that your device is receiving. An unstable or weak wifi connection can impact your Ring device’s ability to automatically reconnect to wifi after a temporary outage.