RING device (FloodLight Cam)...

I have 3 FloodLight Cams, all working. I received an e-mail from RING informing me that my “Free RING Protect Trial” is active. Great (I think). What happens when this “Free” trial expires? I call RING and did not (could not) get an answer to this. I don’t know, maybe this person had never been asked this before. So, my question is this: after this “Free” plan expires, what do I have left? How well will these FloodLight cams operate? What happens if I do not answer when a motion incident occurs?

This should explain everything.

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It explains nothing. Thanks anyway. I’ll just wait until the trial period ends to see what happens.

Let me break down the page so maybe you can understand…

You will still have the following.
Motion-activated notifications
Real-time video with Live View
Two-way talk
Lifetime theft protection

You will not have the following.
Video history for 60 days. No video history of events at all.
Video saving and sharing. You will not be able to save video or share video at all.
Snapshot Capture. You will not be able to take photos from your cams at all.
So basically you get live view, two way talk and notifications only. If that doesn’t make sense. I can’t help you like Ring couldn’t. I tried. Hopefully you won’t be negative again when I’m 9nly trying to help you on my own time.

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