Ring Desktop App Discontinuation

Hey neighbors. We wanted to thank you so much for your continued feedback in regards to the desktop app and Ring.com. We are going to continue to fine-tune the tools and features that our neighbors have come to love about the Ring desktop app to ensure that you can still enjoy the functionality of Ring on your desktop, from Ring.com. We strongly encourage you to use Ring.com due to the planned deprecation of the desktop apps for both Windows and Mac and them no longer receiving updates. This will provide the best experience to manage your devices while we continue to work on Ring.com.

We are exploring how we can support additional web browsers such as Firefox and Safari, as well as browser notifications across all support platforms to ensure you get alerted of what’s happening at your location. We are working hard to improve the web experience so that we can support all of our products, features and integrations from your desktop computer, leaving you with more options and control over your devices from Ring.com in comparison to the previous desktop app experience.

With this change in mind, we would like to highlight key features that are currently available on Ring.com that are not available via the desktop app:

Going forward, we want you to know that in the coming months we are looking to bring the following features to Ring.com in the future:

  • Browser notifications for Chrome, Firefox
    • Safari support will come late 2022
  • Additional browsers supported for Live View (Firefox, Safari)
  • Device Health information for your devices

We will make sure to keep neighbors updated on the official removal of the desktop app in the future, and appreciate your patience while we work on the best experience for our neighbors. Please feel free to leave any additional comments or feedback in regards to this below, and any features you are looking for in the future, share in our Feature Request Board here. Thank you, neighbors!

NOTE: This announcement only applies to desktop app users and not mobile app users. The mobile app will not be altered or impacted from this change.


Appreciate the update!

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This is a very bad idea. I use my desktop app much more than the app on my devices. On the desktop I can enlarge the video to the point I can actually see it, something that is not possible on my iPhone.

Please seriously consider what it is you’re doing to people without 30 year old eyes and 20/20 vision.


I’m sure that desktop users have many questions. Listed below are a few to start off the discussion.

Ring Windows (and MAC) desktop users obviously need quickly accessible, easy-to-use, full-featured, secure access to Ring content, settings, and account information.

  • In the future, will desktop users be required to use the current login process (i.e., username, password, and 2FA) every time they access Ring.com?
  • Are there plans to duplicate ALL of the features found in Ring mobile apps for desktop users (including those who use Firefox and/or Safari browsers)? For example, currently, if you attempt to use the Firefox browser on a Windows device, you will probably find you have NO access to MOST content, some of which includes:
    • Video clips listed in a History List
    • Live View
    • ANYTHING relating to devices that use End-to-End Encryption
  • Ring desktop users will presumably want to be able to view Live View and video clips in as large (and high resolution) a fashion as possible.
    • Will users be able to view video in Full Screen mode?
    • Will there be any “zoom” capability for video clips?
  • The OP listed links to only four threads. Is it safe to assume that the many comments in all posts in all threads relating to Desktop apps, Ring.com, web apps, etc. have been carefully reviewed and taken into account even though only four threads were listed?
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I just want to reach out strongly urging you to reconsider.

Our family shares a vacation to to which last year I recently added a few Ring Security Cameras. This was done after careful consideration reviewing multiple competitors offerings. One of the major deciding factors was the support of a native Windows application. The majority of my family’s members are 60 & up. Unlike the younger generation they do NOT carry their phones with them at all times, and usually they are off with a dead battery. What they do keep on within earshot most of the time though is their laptop computer.

I went with the Ring product because I knew the Windows 10 Desktop App would give them an easy way to access the security cameras and be alerted of activity. Now you are taking away this convenience from us with no viable replacement solution as the current web portal does not offer notifications.

I am requesting you extend support to the desktop app, even if it lacks many new features, until you have a 1:1 replacement. If not I’ll probably be returning or re-selling my Ring cameras and replacing them with a competitors brand that does offer these features.

Thank you,


Please reconsider discontinuing the Ring Mac app. I use it daily for as it is more assessable for me in answering the doorbell. My smart phone is not assessable for this as it requires several steps before I can view the video. I rely on smart home technology including this doorbell to be able to live independently at home.


But why on earth are you discontinuing the desktop app? Makes no sense, especially with more people working from home these day? It’s nice to have the live view on my secondary monitor as I work without having to switch to my phone or log into the website.


@Chelsea_Ring regarding your 6th bullet point: “Access to snapshots within your Event History” how do we pull up the Event History Timeline via the Ring site to review Snapshots? I don’t see any way to view my Snapshot Capture images from the website, or am I misunderstanding that bullet point?

It’s nice to hear Device Health stats will also be added to the website.

Now that I have Live View working, I actually don’t mind this change as much and somewhat prefer the website to review videos now as I find it easier to use, and more fluent to load from video to video.

I found that if you save the cookie for account(dot)ring(dot)com you don’t have to use the 2FA security code each time from either an authenticator app or text message (tick the box to 'remember this device after entering your 2FA code) . It will allow you to log right in with just the username and password, which I have pre-saved in Chrome to auto-populate. This works well in my situation as no one else uses my PC and it’s almost always turned on. I don’t recommend doing this on any shared PC, though. Having saved a desktop shortcut taking me right to the site, I’m able to access my saved vids within just a few seconds.

Years ago you didn’t have access to even half this much when logged into the Ring site, so it’s nice to see all this extra functionality added like the ability to see ALL history from ALL devices, Control Center, and Mode Control, to name a few.

As you can tell from the numerous posts on this website… many users are very upset about the impending discontinuation of the Ring Desktop apps – for a variety of reasons.

It appears that many users purchased Ring products specifically because Ring Desktop apps were available. Thus, it’s very understandable that they feel that Ring is performing a “bait and switch”.

It’s ridiculous to assume that cellphones are going to be the device of choice for all users all the time. It’s more likely that users will want to use a device with a larger screen (and/or higher resolution) if they can do so in a quick, easy, and secure manner. This is even more true during the current pandemic, where more people are working from home and/or staying at home as much as possible to avoid catching a potentially deadly disease.

Neither Ring.com or the Ring web app provides a suitable replacement for Ring Desktop apps. This is even more the case because:

  • Ring currently does NOT support MOST browsers.
  • The two currently “supported browsers” presumably would NOT be acceptable to many tech-savvy users who are serious about privacy/security.
  • It’s not clear when/if Ring will support the Firefox and Safari browsers and when/if they will include all of the features in Ring’s mobile apps.
  • The Ring.com website and web app are currently not “full featured”. They do NOT duplicate all of the features found in Ring mobile apps.
  • Being required to log into the website (and satisfy the mandatory 2FA requirement) each time you want to access content takes too much time and effort. By the time you are able to do so, whoever is at your door (and/or the “bad guy(s)” committing criminal acts) may be out of sight.
  • Users may be tempted to resort to less safe (or unsafe) tactics to reduce the time it takes to log into the website.

Desktop apps are very important to many Ring users, including but not limited to, for people:

  • who have limited eyesight
  • who have dexterity issues
  • who have mobility issues
  • who can no longer think/remember/react as quickly as when they were younger. (It’s a lot easier, for example, to remember where your laptop and/or desktop is… than remember where you left your mobile device.)
  • who don’t want to keep a cellphone with them (and turned on)
  • who are currently at home many hours a day
  • who typically have a desktop device turned on and quickly/easily available
  • who want to view content on a larger (and/or higher resolution) screen
  • who don’t want to have to log into the website each time they want to view Ring content
  • who want to use a device that connects to the Internet using Ethernet (with Bluetooth, Cellular, and WiFi turned off)

Ring provides SECURITY hardware, software, and services. Thus, Ring Windows (and MAC) users need secure, quickly accessible, easy-to-use, full-featured NATIVE apps. (Windows users who use Local Windows accounts also need to be able to download the Windows Desktop app from Ring.com – since they probably will not be able to do so from the Windows App Store.)

Unfortunately, if Ring eliminates Desktop apps, Ring devices will presumably quickly become of limited value/use to many current/potential Ring customers.


Definitely. I was looking at adding two more cameras (one front and back), but I won’t be now as I won’t be able to view them easily. I have lots of dexterity issues and getting the app up on my phone is time consuming and defeats the purpose when I need it to answer the doorbell.


Hey @5150Joel. Thank you for pointing out that you cannot see Snapshot Capture on Ring.com, and my apologies for any confusion. When we reference Snapshots, in the case of Ring.com, this is the Snapshot that is taken when you pull up your Dashboard and get a look at a quick Snapshot of your Live View from your device. Snapshot Capture is only available on the Ring mobile app. To avoid further confusion, I have removed the bullet point that listed snapshots being available, as the Help Center article I linked was linked incorrectly. Thank you!

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Why on earth is the desktop app discontinued? I have this open during the work day and I’m able to answer the door without logging into the phone or an app. The main reason for having this device was ease of use, but that’s going away with the removal of the app.


Agreed 100%, and I will be cancelling my subscription because of this ill-conceived decision by Ring. Good example of Bait-and-Switch!

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Agreed 100%, and I will be cancelling my subscription because of this ill-conceived decision by Ring. Good example of Bait-and-Switch.

Why you needed to open another community for this issue is beyond me. So I am going to give you my reason why this is bad and I will discontinue Ring Products if the Website does not ad up to the Desktop app. My biggest complaint is I don’t want to be logged in to a website constantly and have to leave it open. It drains resources worse than the app does.


Not happy about this at all, Use the MAC daily for checking doors, don’t use Chrome don’t want to use Chrome,if this goes ahead I will be buying a HomeKit doorbell.

Terrible. Bring back safari before “late 2022.”

That’s me out - what a crap idea by Amazon to get rid of the app. Ring connection is iffy at best with desktop on a Mac. Now you don’t even have a version for Safari. Which makes it totally redundant.

I work in a home office in my garden on a Mac. If someone is at the front door I won’t know from now on. I am surely not alone?

We watched Ring being started up, crowdfunding and more. Seemed a great logical idea and then Amazon bought it… enough said. I’d get better service with some cheap Chinese imitator.

My first and last post. Bye.

This. Very much.

This is complete bait and switch by ring. If I knew when I brought my products that I would have to use a browser based solution to view my cameras live, and one that does not work as I can not access live view in the “supported browsers”, I would have never purchased a ring product.

The browser solution is junk. The time to log in. The extra clicks. And the fact it does not work for all users and many major browsers is absurd.

And you are a security company, who now requires a 3rd party product to use your service. Really? Security?


WHAT? I am just now hearing these plans to get rid of the desktop site?? Why? Sure I use the app on my phone when I’m at work but when I’m home I review everything on the computer where I can actually see what went on. If I have to use my phone as the sole source to view alerts, I’m going to have to opt-out. I’m not a spring chicken and need something I can see. How disappointing.