Ring Dash Camera For Cars And Or Semi Trucks

I currently use my Ring Peephole camera as a dash camera for when im parked at trucks stops to make thieves think twice and also helps with any possible accident from another trucker hitting my semi truck and I have video evidence for insurance purposes it does great at recording but the motion feature doesn’t work as well as expected and I assume it’s because its programmed to detect people rather than a semi truck. Really would be nice if ring had a car wireless dash camera or a semi truck wireless dash camera with the same features as the ring doorbells. You could even have a bundle that includes a dash camera and two cameras that could be mounted to the left and right mirrors. I know I along with other Commercial Truck Drivers wouldn’t think twice about paying whatever price. Truckers spend on average $300-$500 for a gps system so paying $200-$400 for not just a camera but some added security and really a piece of mind would not be an issue. Also having them available for purchase at trucks stops like Loves, Pilot, Flying J, and or TA would be fantastic.

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