Ring Customer Services

Firstly, I would like to say that I was a huge fan of the ring products I have 6 cameras and managed to persuade many of my friends and relatives to also purchase the ring doorbell as a minimum. I was excited to see that ring had some upgraded version of their products on sale and was eager to upgrade one of my wired Spotlight and floodlight cameras to a pro version this is where my nightmare started. It is unbelievable how something so simple was made overcomplicated by Ring customer services.

My first call to ring is when I received my invoice which showed white products were dispatched when I had ordered black your customer service representative advised he could do nothing until I receive the items and provide serial numbers. I asked if I refuse delivery the goods would be returned, and I could get an exchange for the correct item where he stated it was not possible to do this and nothing could be done until I provide serial numbers. I was also advised on this call that I had placed the order with the incorrect color, and I should have chosen the correct color however I am 100% confident that I placed an order for black as this is what I have always purchased in the past. I did ask if I could speak to a manger and was advised there is no senior person on shift. I am baffled that a global corporate company like Ring has no means to stop a delivery, cannot start return procedures until goods are delivered and has no senior personnel working on shift. Are your customer representatives specifically trained to call customers liars and accuse them of being incapable of placing a correct order ?

The second call which I was already dreading to make was once I received the goods this call went 45+ minutes what an absolute joke I was told I would have no issues in exchanging the goods and that Ring had sent white as substitute as they had sold out of black. The person then went on to try and find substitute using a hardwire kit for the spotlight cam then said it cannot be used. I was then told to keep hold of the camera and to check the website regularly to see when it is back in stock to then call back. Most companies either process a return and when they have stock will ship a replacement or provide a refund, I do not understand why Ring cannot work the same way. At this point your customer service advisor started to argue about how we cannot do this it is a security issue we cannot check to see if cameras return to stock on your behalf. I was then told the serial number I provided for the floodlight was incorrect I was confused as it had the same one the box and dispatch note at this point, I was drained and just asked to please process the return for the spotlight cam so I can get off the phone. Before I got off the phone, I did ask for someone senior to contact me via email as I was not always in a place where cell coverage is available instead I returned home to find missed calls from Ring.

The third call which again I was dreading due to past experience calling Ring was over 30 minutes and again was absolutely pointless and unpleasant. I asked to speak to a senior person hoping my issue would be resolved professionally and promptly how wrong was I. I was transferred to a senior member of staff, and we went through the whole scenario again with incorrect serial numbers I had to open the box and provide a MAC address. I asked who would pay for my time as I have spent 2+ hours all due to Ring sending me the wrong product where he stated there is nothing Ring can do. I asked for an email address of someone senior in the company so I can let them know how poor the service has been and how dissatisfied I was the response was Ring company does not use email go to the forum and submit your issues.

On every call I verified my identity using the app and phone touchpad and then had to verify again what is the point of the automated verification if you must go through it again ?

I am really disappointed and frustrated as I do think the product is great however after being called a liar, argued with and lied to I would rather change to a competitor product than go through an ordeal like this again especially when I am spending my hard-earned money. When checking online it seems I am not the only person this has happen to which is unfortunate.

Having spent 2+ hours on the phone with Ring customer services I have concluded this has to be the worst experience I have had in my adult life, and it has to be one of the most incompetent customer services call centers I have ever called. Amazon who is the parent company for Ring have fantastic customer services I have been a long-time customer with Amazon and Ring and would suggest Ring take the same training techniques as Amazon.

To date I still have not received a refund.

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