Ring Customer Service is Horrible

The Ring system is awesome and works seamlessly.

However, Ring’s customer service is AWFUL. I ordered 2 Spotlight Cam Mount (black) back in August and have never received them. I have contacted Ring two different times inquiring and all they want to do is pass the buck and say “it’s been sent to our escalations team” and no one ever contacts me.

When you look at the product on Ring.com, it says the item ships in 1-2 weeks, but yet I’ve been waiting almost 10 weeks and no product and no response.

And, they were supposed to send me a replacement door sensor that has never been shipped.

This is ridiculous.

A better indicator of shipping time is check your specific order.
Order History (ring.com)
In the upper right should be a list of the items you ordered along with approximate shipping dates. Just be aware due to supply chain difficulties those dates are only approximate.

housetr -

What was the “expected availability date” or “expected delivery date” when:

  • You ordered the two Spotlight Cam Mounts
  • You were promised the replacement door