Ring Customer Service Incredibly Cumbersome

Why is Ring Customer Service such a nightmare to deal with? Every time I call, I have to generate a verification code in the app. Then, when I speak with a rep, I have to answer questions “for security purposes.” THEN, I have to follow an emailed link to sign into Amazon (user name, password, MFA code) to “grant access to my account” to the rep. While I fully support reasonable security and user verification, this is just ludicrous. I should have to verify myself ONCE and only once. I should NOT have to fiddle with Amazon to deal with my Ring account. By the way, my call today was to see why I had not been refunded for items returned and received on MARCH 14th! Turns out the refund had not been processed until I called. Pretty sloppy for any company. As a result, I am seriously regretting replacing my home security system with Ring products, and will advise others to avoid Ring. Customer service is horrible in every respect.