Ring Controller Pro availability for UK and Europe

When will the Ring Access Controller Pro be available in the UK or Europe? Also will it be able to grant access to more than one family member to operate electric gates?

Also will there be any preference for what electric gate systems it will be compatible with?

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Hi @Srm660116. At this time, the Ring Access Controller Pro is only available for purchase in the United States. We don’t have any information on when or if this device will be made available in other regions, but appreciate your interest!

If a Ring Access Controller Pro was purchased in the USA and used in the UK, would the Ring app allow its use, or would it be locked out due to regional functionality? Does the Ring Access Controller Pro require any subscription service?

Hi @Nads. We do not advise purchasing Ring devices from one country to use in a different country. There is no guarantee your device will work correctly, as there are different power and wireless connectivity regulations from one country to another.

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