Ring contact Sensor with Third-party Z-Wave controller

I have an existing Ring Alarm system and I also have a Universal Devices ISY controller which will control Z-Wave devices. I like the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor and would like to use a couple of them with my ISY for purposes separate from home security. Are they compatible with third-party Z-Wave controllers such as ISY? I understand that they probably will only connect with one controller at a time and I would plan to connect them with my ISY and not with my Ring Alarm base station. Would there be any conflict?

Glad you asked @EdS! The Ring Alarm devices are designed to connect to your Alarm Base Station as the hub, for ensuring the Alarm ecosystem is communicating securely and over the intended network. Check out our help center article about the Base Station and Zwave networks in general, for more information.

To see what currently integrates with the Alarm system, visit our Works With Ring Locks and Devices compatibility charts.

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Marley, thank you very much for your response. I need just a little additional information. My situation is the opposite of the usual inquiry. I have 2 separate Z-Wave systems installed, 1.the Ring Alarm with Base Station, and 2. an ISY (Universal Devices) system. In addition to using the Ring contact sensor with my Ring Alarm system, I would also like to buy a couple separate Ring contact sensors and connect them to my ISY system for certain home control activities unrelated to home security. I would not attempt to connect those separate contact sensors to the Ring Alarm system. Ordinarily, I would assume that any Z-Wave device would connect with my ISY system. However, since not all Z-Wave devices connect properly to Ring Alarm, I wondered if the reverse was true as well: will Ring Alarm accessory Z-Wave devices connect with ISY or other third-party Z-Wave controllers?

Hi @EdS! That is a great question, and definitely comes with a different answer. For the method or manner in which you wish to connect an Alarm device to another controller/ hub, this is possible but dependant on the compatibility of the equipment used. While our sensors are able to be connected to other z-wave gateways, its up to the gateway provider to build full support. Here are some of our integration manuals which may offer further insight into doing this.

Feel free to update us with any integrations you’ve accomplished, as other neighbors will likely be looking for the same in the Community. :slight_smile:

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