Ring Contact Sensor Not Triggering Alexa Routine

Hi - I searched the web and it seems like this issue has come up before however this was 1yr+ ago. I just bought the ring alarm system (2nd gen), mostly to use the contact sensors to trigger routines. Both the ring and Alexa app recognize the devices but do not actually trigger the routine. This also happens with my Ring doorbell (which used to work). I have tried other contact sensors from other brands and they work perfectly (door opens, outdoor lights come on). Anybody have any insight as to if this will be fixed? I am debating on returning the alarm system since I really just wanted to use Ring’s contact sensors.


Note: The routine also works when I manually click “play” in the Alexa app.

The best next step will be to review the Alarm and Alexa integration in place, as well as the reinitiating the routine. Here is our Help Center article on how to arm and disarm your Alarm with Alexa, and one on creating routines with Alexa.

Try also disabling and re-enabling the Ring skill in your Alexa app, as well as ensure both the Ring app and Alexa app are up to date. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I just bought the 8-piece 2nd gen. The routines for the contact sensors will not trigger the announcements. However, when played manually within the app, they announced. But when you open or closed the doors, only the Ring Base station chirps.

Hi @Lalaby. You can read more information in our Help Center about helping your Ring devices work with Alexa, as well as how to integrate Amazon Alexa-supported devices with Ring devices. Both of those Help Center Articles have a lot of useful information on how to set up your Ring devices alongside Alexa based on what features are available. If this concern persists or you have further questions, you can click here to go to Amazon’s Alexa help center for more support. :slight_smile: