Ring compatibility with Blink camera

Add feature to sync blink cameras with ring alarm system. Great feature to have since the same parent company


Agreed. I was considering getting blink cameras to supplement my Ring cameras, and to add some redundancy in case of a problem with Ring.
It would be great if the Blink cameras could integrate with the Ring alarm system.

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Definitely. If not full integration, at least there should be a way to trigger events between the two systems (i.e. based on motion sensing etc.).

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As someone who has an entirely Amazon household from Echo buttons, echos, ring doorbell, blink cameras, key delivery etc, imagine my surprise when the brand new blink and ring devices I bought on prime day couldn’t talk to each other.

I have 3 blinks in my garage alone, yet none of them can be used for key delivery. Pretty disappointed. It honestly makes me want to take all my business including the household items and recurring subscriptions to another provider.


I agree. This should be a no brainer for amazon. Especially when the same number is being used to send the ring and blink 2-factor auth codes.


The description of the Blink Mini on Amazon even references " If you already own a Ring device, visit Software Security Updates in Ring Control Center …" were these at one time supported by Ring? It’s all the same company - to have these siloed systems is ridiculous.