Ring Community Support - Share Selected Video Clip

As an option to giving the agent 24 hour access to a user’s camera video recordings, I would like to suggest that Ring provide the ability to easily share a video with the agent. The user would simply select the area on the timeline and with one click share with Ring.

This would eliminate the whole verification/authorization process and allow the user to quickly communicate an issue to the agent. The agent could even provide the user with an Agent ID Number to send the video directly to the agent’s screen.

When the clip is sent, all the camera settings should be sent with the clip including Device Settings, Device Health, and Motion Settings.

The agent should also be able to tag and add this video clip to the Ring database to catalog similar issues. This would allow Ring developers to quickly access hundreds of similar issue clips to help them analyze an issue.

Side Note: I consider myself tech savvy and I find the current support model a little overly complicated. This process can’t be easy for the more typical user.

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