Ring.com Web App Update

As we go into the new year, we wanted to update our neighbors on new features that are rolling out. For Ring.com users, we are releasing Web Push Notifications (to replace desktop app push notifications) and more Live View availability for our neighbors.

Web Push Notifications is a new feature that, when activated, delivers alerts to your desktop for any motion on your devices or dings to your Doorbell. Web Push Notifications is now available for all modern web browsers: Chromium (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc.), Safari, and Firefox. You can learn more about how Web Push Notifications work and how to set them up in our Help Center article here.

Note : If you access your Ring.com dashboard from multiple desktops, you will need to ensure you have enabled notifications for each desktop. In addition, if you log out of your account on your desktop, you will no longer receive notifications. To continue receiving notifications, make sure you stay logged into your Ring.com account.

The Ring.com dashboard now supports Live View for every modern web browser . Over the past two months, we have added this capability for Safari and Firefox web browsers .You can learn more about how to access and troubleshoot your Live View on the web browser here.

Keep in mind, for the best experience when using Ring.com, please ensure you have your browser up to date . You can find the list of supported browsers for using Live View here and Web Push Notifications here. For any neighbors that are still learning how to navigate the web app, or want to learn more about it in general, check out our Guide to the Web App here.

The Ring.com dashboard is continually being updated to provide more features and improve the neighbor experience when accessing an account from a web browser. We appreciate all your feedback on how we can make the web app experience as similar for our neighbors as we transition from the desktop app into the web app. Please feel free to share your feedback below and we thank you for your patience as we work to bring more to our neighbors!


When will web app have ability to control pan/tilt base?