Ring.com Getting Worse

Constantly says “No Video” or just spins without loading the video. 6 months ago it would load pretty fast, now recently I am noticing that it might not load at all. I find myself constantly refreshing the page to fix the “No Video” or not loading at all issues.

Hi @Mad-Duke. Are there any issues when you try to download and view the recording? If you try to view the recording in the Ring app, do you receive the same error? Which web browser are you using? If possible, please try using a different web browser to see if that resolves the concern.

The phone app works fine, its only on the web browser that it is slow to load or has no video issue.


Thanks for checking the Ring app. If possible, can you please let me know which web browser you’re using? Have you tried used a different web browser? This is to help us narrow down if the issue is affecting only a particular browser or not.

I use Chrome. Microsoft Edge is bad too.