Ring Chrome Extension


Please create a Chrome Browser Extension that will send you notifications/desktop notifications when motion events are trigger. Also can you make it so that when you click on it, the extension will take you to the Ring Dashboard with LIVE views of ALL the cameras.

This would be very helpful for people who dont want to always have their phone on them or are in a work environment where they can’t have their phone.


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I am new here, so reading through all the posts, There are an unbelievable number of repetitions.

I thought that it says in the instructions that double ups will be stopped.

BTW, again, I am reading the same complaints (that I have notcided after half a day of “use” also) for months on end. Do any of these requests ever get looked at, attended to, or even commented on by Ring?

I see no evidence of that happening!

I may have made a mistake buying this system!

+1 YES please! This would be a fantastic feature!

I created a browser extension for personal use that does just this.

Let me know if you guys want this and I can publish it to the different browser stores.