Ring Chimes Don't Work Properly

Hello. I have two ring chimes that are connected to the internet and appear to work when motion or ring activity is detected.

What is not working for all my Chimes is the ability to change the ring tone or the motion tones. When trying to change the chime tones I get an “Updating Settings” window followed in about thirty seconds by a “Something went wrong.” message saying try again in a moment. Of course trying again doesn’t work.

There is no firmware update available for the chime devices. What, if anything, am I doing wrong? Thank you!

The other solution I found does not work for me either. Please fix this Ring!

Hey neighbors! We actually have a thread on this same concern regarding the alert tones on the Chimes with some more troubleshooting steps here. It is marked as resolved so that you can easily navigate to our response which contains some troubleshooting steps as well as information on how to contact support if those steps are unsuccessful. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: