Ring Chime trying to connect to strange websites on port 123

Looking at my firewall logs the Ring chime is trying to connect to these 2 websites on port 123 (& the firewall logs show it isn’t using ntp just port 123). Both websites have port 22 enabled for some reason. What is going on here?


This is some text I pulled from a screenshot using Ipvoid:

Welcome to herm

Sorry, no photo of this machine.

Stuff here

Webmail for local users: Squirrelmail.

There are usage statistics for this server.

This server is administered by Tim Bray-Tim@kooky.org=+ 44 7966 479015

((And Kooky website:
Slightly Kooky

This website is so completely out of date. I haven’t fiddled for ages. Please take everything with a pinch of salt.))

Get straight on to Ring via chat.

Hi neighbors. We have this page on information about reporting a security issue.

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